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What else to do during a pandemic but start a cooking blog?

Yes, this is the story of how Redgate Kitchen came to be. Life was moving along at its usual fast, crazy and fun pace; occupational therapist, mom, and wife. Then, as it happened for most of us, everything just stopped. Work, school, sports, meetings, socializing all came to an abrupt ending as we embraced social distancing as our new normal.

I needed immediate routine. In addition to my fun workouts, some on-line teaching, zoom-school parenting, enhancement of my recess-time director skills, I threw all of my creative (and nervous) energy into my Redgate Kitchen. I love to cook, bake, and feed my family. I was having so much fun (sorry, during a pandemic that may be weird) that I decided to share my favorite recipes and photos with you.

All the photos that appear on Redgate Kitchen were taken by me, Jodi Bornstein. The banner image is from Shuk Ha-Carmel in Tel Aviv (summer 2018).

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