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Fun, delicious, and a bit magical We all love fresh pita bread. Nothing quite like it. It pairs very well–no, it’s a necessity–with oven roasted shawarma and hummus tehina. I love the pita recipe from Yvonne Ruperti on Serious Eats. It’s a lot of fun to make too.

street food plated elegantly I always enjoy eating chicken shawarma whenever we’re in Tel Aviv (and my husband does even more so). Growing up, every Thursday night my family picked it up for dinner from a great Lebanese restaurant in Montreal, where the chicken is piled in layers on a skewer and rotated on a …

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You won’t want to eat it any other way after trying this Roast a whole head of cauliflower this way and you will tuck into a crispy on-the-outside but tender on-the-inside beautifully golden treat. Sprinkle with fresh herbs, serve it as is, or carve it up. Whichever way you choose, it won’t last long on …

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