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Your New Veggie Star of the Show We all know that eating more plant-based meals is better for our planet, bodies, moods, and minds. When such plant-based mains are enveloped in pillowy puff pastry and baked to golden goodness, a magical main dish is created! This one is a show stopper. I made it on …

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super quick and flavorful Tofu is my go-to for a quick and easy protein lunch or dinner. Slice, marinate, and roast it. Toss it on top of some cooked and well-seasoned udon noodles and serve it with some crunchy raw veg, a scattering of chopped herbs and you’ve got yourself a quick and delicious meal.

a veg version of the classic Lebanese dish Arayes are typically prepared by stuffing raw spiced lamb or beef into pitas and then grilling them. Adeena Sussman’s vegetarian version, using mushrooms, onion, garlic, herbs, and seasoning creates a super flavorful and juicy stuffed pita. When paired with a lemony yogurt sauce, the texture and taste …

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